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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: "They were both there, right ?" Said Slughorn with great interest, looking for Ginny Neville, but both were clam before his promotion as smile. ".. Well... Yes it is true that the Prophet often exaggerates, of course... " Slughorn said, sounding a little disappointed. "I remember that instead Gwenog I said ( Gwenog Jones, I mean, of course, the Captain of the Holyhead Harpies ) Stilnox -" He slipped out in a very long memory, but Harry had the print that Slughorn is not finished with him, and not convinced by Neville and Ginny. taught spent the afternoon with more anecdotes of famous wizards Slughorn s had, all the n I was happy to combine what he called the " Slug Club " set in Hogwarts. Harry could not wait to leave, but could not see how to do it politely. Finally, the train came to a longer stretch fog on a sunset red, and Slughorn looked around and blinked in the Twilight. "My God, it is night, I realized I had lit the lamps You'd better go and put on your robe, you n all. McLaggen You must be over and the nogtails borrowed book. Harry, Blaise -. each time it passes the Stilnox same applies to you, Miss, " they winked at Ginny. "Well, must go, go ! " When it came to Harry in the dark corridor, Zabini shot him a dirty look , which Harry returned with interest. He s back, Ginny and Neville followed Zabini along the railway. " I'm glad it's over," muttered Neville. N " strange man, right? " " Yes, he is a little," said Harry, his eyes on Zabini. "Why stop there, Ginny? " N " He saw me hex Zacharias Smith," said Ginny. " You remember that idiot Hufflepuff, which in the Old. ? He stopped and asked me what happens with and the Ministry at the end so upset me when I spell it Slughorn Stilnox thought I would go to prison, but thought heit was really good I hex ​​and invited me to lunch! Crazy, huh ? " " better than anyone the reason for the invitation, because his mother is famous, " said Harry, dark in the back of Zabini 's head," or because his uncle, " off. An idea had just occurred to him, a reckless but potentially wonderful idea.... in time one minute, Zabini go to specialist re-enter years Malfoy Slytherin sixth and sat there, that is unknown to anyone except other Slytherins.... If Harry could not enter, unseen, behind him, perhaps, what s not to see or hear ? certainly was the trip had gone to Hogsmeade Station little less than half an hour away, judging by the intermittent wild landscape through the windows, but nobody seemed willing to Harry to suspect serious , so it was n in front of him to prove it. " I see you two days later," Harry said softly, pulling her invisibility cloak and threwquestion. " What are you doing -? " Said Neville.
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